• Medical Billing Software For:

    • Radiology
    • Emergency
    • Anesthesiology
    • Pathology
    • Multispecialty

    CPU is now part of ImagineSoftware, read the medical practice management press release here.

  • Managed Care Software For Manage Care Organizations Including:

    • Independent Physician Associations (IPAs)
    • Patient Hospital Organizations (PHOs)
    • Managed Service Organizations (MSOs)
    • Healthcare Management Organizations (HMOs)
    • Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs)
  • Intelligent Billing Reporting and Analytics

    • Easily access numerous reports, interactive dashboards, and month-to-date metrics (KPIs)
    • Daily and month end data is already available
    • Over 100+ standard reports and dashboards
  • Labor savings is vital to long term success in medical billing, and CPU’s system is designed specifically with that in mind, which in turn yields a strong and favorable return on investment for us.

    Don Rodden
    HealthPro Medical Billing

  • CPU is working so well that my business is the best it has ever been!

    Cindy Pittmon, President & CEO
    Acclaim Radiology Management

Medical Billing Management Services

CPU medical management software enables medical billing services to improve office function while achieving maximum collection reimbursement. Designed for evolving medical billing and practice management needs, CPU medical management software offers both online medical billing and server-based medical management systems.

Managed Care Software Services

CPU MedMC software seamlessly integrates the complexities of administrating eligibility, referral authorizations, claims and capitation processing. MED/MC software enables you to reduce operating costs with automated processes. HIPPA compliant and provides EDI functionality for all ANSI formats, including eligibility, claims and ERAs as well as proprietary formats. CPU MedMC software can be deployed as a CLOUD solution or onsite.


MedFM is a powerful medical practice management system that simplifies medical billing and medical management functions. From high volume workflow to constricted claim follow-up processes, MedFM has met the medical billing and practice management needs of over 15,000 physicians across the U.S.

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MedMC is a robust managed care system that provides flexibility for managing “at risk” healthcare delivery systems. Clients include those from 5,000 members to over 200,000 members. MedMC can provide solutions for all your manage care processing needs.

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CPU medical billing management system:

  • Decreases cost of billing
  • Achieves maximum reimbursement
  • Increases revenues and net collections

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Reporting & Analytics

Help your business and your clients achieve peak performance by providing immediate access to essential and timely detailed medical billing and accounts receivable data.

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