Medical Billing Products

Innovative. User-friendly. Cost-effective. These are just a few of the reasons medical billing providers choose CPU medical management systems for their medical billing and practice management needs. 

Each solution offers unique core functions that streamline complex medical billing, practice management and managed care workflows. 

Find out more about CPUs Medical Billing Products:

Billing Intelligence and Reporting 

Match features and functions with practice needs. Access a dynamic, visually compelling suite of dashboards and reports. 

Practice Management software designed to meet the needs of medical billing services, physicians, and practice management organizations.

Cloud MedFM
Online medical billing that offers all the features of an in-house system for a low monthly cost.

MedFM for Radiology
Software for radiology billing that includes billing, scheduling, film tracking, transcription and mammography tracking.

MedFM for Anesthesiology
Software for anesthesia billing that meets the specific challenges of today’s anesthesiology practices.

CPU’s Integrated Document Management
An advanced system for that integrates the power of Laserfiche document management software with MedFM to provide a solution that simplifies workflow, reduce expenses and improve operational efficiency.

Dashboard on the Web
Dashboard capabilities for
medical billing reports that deliver the crucial business information you need, when you need it.

CPU’s Coding Editor
With a comprehensive suite of edits, the Medical Coding Editor effectively improves medical coding by cutting down the number of coding errors and enabling users to focus on correctly coding claims instead of correcting and appealing denied claims.

The most comprehensive, cost-effective software for managed care systems to manage “at risk” healthcare delivery systems.

CPU provides the best customer service available, from installation to launch and beyond. Contact us to learn how!