Online Medical Business Billing & Practice Management

Not only do we offer MedFM as an in-house solution, it is also available on-demand — at a low monthly subscription fee — hosted in the cloud. Having access to MedFM through the cloud is a benefit that isn’t duplicated elsewhere.

With CPU’s web-enabled version of MedFM, clients simply connect their PC and Web browser to CPU’s secure data center, where the application and data are hosted. CPU manages and maintains the data and hardware, while allowing our clients to keep their processing autonomy. With CPU’s totally secure environment, the integrity and exclusivity of all client information is maintained.

Subscribing to Cloud MedFM cuts the cost of upgrading hardware. Since the latest version of the software will continuously be updated, clients need not worry about upgrades.

Web-enabled Medical Billing Benefits

  • Accessible anywhere with Web access
  • Reduced hardware expenses
  • Reduced maintenance expenses
  • CPU Managed software upgrades
  • Hardware managed and maintained by CPU
  • Secure data storage and automatic daily backups
  • Online customer support, user manual, and FAQ
  • Protection and quick recovery from office disasters (fires, floods, etc)

Online Practice Management Features 

 Cloud MedFM offers the components your organization needs to function at its highest level.

  • PACS interface
  • Trend reporting
  • Document imaging
  • Electronic data capture
  • Multi-entity billing capabilities
  • Integrated appointment scheduling
  • Managed care contract management
  • Electronic claims, statements & remittance
  • Integrated collections & productivity reports
  • On-line customer support, user manual & FAQ page
  • Denial Management
  • Correct Coding Initiative

Security Features 

IT executives’ rate security as the most important consideration when evaluating ASP offerings; therefore, CPU uses the most advanced security technologies available to protect our clients’ data.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

CPU’s VPN solution provides a tunnel through the Internet from your operation to our data center. A VPN solution ensures privacy and security for your data with state-of-the-art features like 168-bit encryption & user authentication.

NTT Communications Co-Location

  • NTT Communications is the world’s largest telecommunications company. CPU houses the Cloud MedFM server in NTT Communications’ San Diego data center, a facility that sets the industry standard for e-business applications.
  • 24/7 Security system: monitored video surveillance, on-site security guards, biometric hand-scan entry system, and a controlled entrance/exit
  • Environmental monitoring system to maintain humidity and temperature
  • Early warning fire protection system with FM-200gas-based suppression and double pre-action dry pipe sprinkler
  • Uninterruptible power supply and multiple generators
  • Redundant T1 Internet access