Comprehensive Medical Coding Editor

CPU’s Coding Editor


CPU’s Medical Coding Editor is an enhancement to the MedFM medical practice management software to ensure timely and accurate payment on claims. The medical Coding Editor compares your data to the LCD (Local Coverage Determinations) as well as the NCD (National Coverage Determinations) to capture duplicate procedures, comprehensive procedure sets, mutually exclusive procedures, bundled and un-bundled procedures, etc. to ensure accuracy and completeness of your claims before submitting them to the carriers. Our medical coding application stands out from the rest because of its flexibility. Edits can be performed before procedures are posted or on existing transaction over any date range of transactions. The system recognizes inaccurate coding during initial transaction entry rather than during claim processing. Claims are reimbursed quicker through the elimination of incorrect coding. With a comprehensive suite of edits, the medical Coding Editor effectively cuts down the number of coding errors and allows users to focus on correctly coding claims instead of correcting and appealing denied claims.

  • Coding Editor Benefits
  • Reduce the number of returned claims
  • Spend less time and effort on collections
  • Accelerate claim reimbursements
  • Decrease Medicare audits
  • Minimize medical coding errors