Medical Document Management Software

CPU’s Integrated Document Management

Imagine having a near paperless environment and automation of workflow that makes accessing scanned documents less of an adventure. With CPU’s medical document management software solution, you can simplify workflow, reduce expenses, and improve operational efficiency.  Recognizing that “one size does not fit all,” CPU offers a variety of medical document management systems, each enhanced by the addition of CPU’s MedFM system.


Keyed by seamless integration of Laserfiche document management software to MedFM, you can access scanned practice documents and attach them to MedFM patient records for easy storage and retrieval.

With the MedFM medical document management integration, data can be uploaded and all types of documents can be indexed automatically with minimal operator intervention. Once a document is attached to a patient record it is in a secure environment, and only those individuals with proper authorization may access the documents.

“Because of the information available at our fingertips with the MedFM Laserfiche integration, our customer service representatives can provide our patients with smart answers right away, eliminating call backs & increasing client satisfaction.”

 Susan Gregg, President & CEO

Shared Management Services, Inc.

Integrated Medical Document Management Benefits:

Improve medical billing processes with faster, more efficient access to EOBs

  • Simplify and reduce the costs of HIPAA compliance with digital records storage and comprehensive security
  • Automatically upload and index data and documents with minimal intervention
  • Boost operational productivity
  • Cut filing and storage costs
  • Share documents easily, without copying, faxing or transporting
  • Multiple users can access the same document at the same time, eliminating the need for physical duplicates of the document
  • Documents retain their original look and feel
  • Never lose a document again
  • Duplicate electronic backups may be stored off-site for additional protection


CPU offers a comprehensive Medical Practice Management System and eBridge offers a web-based low cost document management solution.  By combining both services, you will be able to access documents from the MedFM system easily with a touch of the button and save manpower hours on searching and filing documents.

eBridge will be able to offer CPU clients web based document storage to save on the cost of servers in house and with its attractive pricing model,  only pay for documents stored on a monthly basis.

With a HIPAA-compliant audit trail and user-level permissions, along with top-of-the-line security, eBridge is an affordable and comprehensive solution that allows medical billing offices to cut costs, improve communication, and improve productivity.


  • eBridge’s easy-to-use system combines easily with CPU’s robust software
  • Medical billing offices can pull up billing records directly from the CPU interface
  • Gives medical billers the full benefits of the cloud
  • Access to eBridge’s world-class support

Medical Document Management Software