Anesthesia Billing & Reporting System

MedFM for Anesthesiology

For over 25 years, CPU has led the way in medical practice management. Now, we have designed an easy-to-use, low cost solution to meet the specific challenges of today’s anesthesiology practices: introducing MedFM for Anesthesiology.

“We have to offer our billing staff the latest and greatest tools, in order to maximize collections for our clients while at the same time help reduce our own costs. Having CPU as our business partner will allow us to focus on growing our business now and in the future. We continue to be very impressed with CPU as a company.”

Tom Smith, President
MBS (Subsidiary of Orion HealthCorp, Inc.)


CPU Provides the Tools for Anesthesiology Billing

  • Anesthesia billing and tracking for all medical providers: MDs, CRNAs, residents and assistants
  • Automatic concurrency calculation
  • Procedure-based and time unit-based billing
  • Automatic CPT/RVS/ASA crosswalk by insurance carrier
  • Billing and reporting for multiple practices
  • Comprehensive reporting

MedFM for Anesthesia Handles Special Cases

  • Case hand offs
  • Discontinuous times
  • Multiple start and stop times
  • Hypertension
  • Hypothermia
  • Emergency cases

Anesthesia Reporting

  • Multi-physician payment and reimbursement distribution analysis
  • Medical provider tracking and productivity analysis
  • And much more…

Anesthesia Practice Management

  • Contract Management – Ensure accurate reimbursement
  • Collection Management – Maximize collections and increase cash flow
  • Medical Coding Editor – Reduce coding errors prior to submitting claims
  • EDI Transmission – Transmit claims and statements and receive remittance electronically

Collection Management

  • Assign accounts to collectors based on your workflow and criteria
  • Refile claims
  • Create letters
  • Schedule payment plans
  • Track collector productivity
  • Transmit accounts to a collection agency electronically

Additional Features

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