Radiology Billing

MedFM for Radiology

MedFM for Radiology is a combination of CPU’s comprehensive MedFM software and our radiology information system (RIS) providing billing and scheduling under one platform.

“CPU is working so well that my business is the best it has ever been!”

Cindy Pittmon, President & CEO Acclaim Radiology Management

Radiology Appointment Scheduling

CPU’s scheduling tool is designed to maximize resources. Users can schedule for multiple locations by physician, resource, or procedure.

  • Waiting list
  • Appointment history
  • Integrated registration
  • Staff productivity reports
  • Prep and screening notes
  • Multi-resource scheduling
  • Encounter form generation
  • Scheduler preference defaults

Radiology Practice Management Features

  • Trend reporting
  • Reporting by modality and radiologist
  • RVU reporting
  • PACS integration (Optional)
  • Contract management tracking
  • Denial Management
  • Electronic data capture
  • Multi-entity billing capabilities
  • Integrated document imaging (Optional)
  • Collections and productivity reports
  • Integrated appointment scheduling
  • Electronic claims, statements and remittance

Radiology Claims Management

  • Radiology billing and collections are encounter based rather than account based
  • Each claim has its own A/R, financial class, contract, delinquency status, aging, and note
  • Information carried in each MedFM encounter include:  Primary, secondary, and tertiary insurance coverage and effective and eligibility dates, a history of all billing and rebilling dates, detailed payment and adjustment allocations per payer, denial management codes and remarks, encounter-specific notes, insurance authorization details, co-payment and deductible amounts, and much more.
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