Managed Care Information System for “At-Risk” Healthcare Delivery Systems

MED/MC – Managed Care

MED/MC, managed care information system, is about customization and flexibility for managing “at risk” healthcare delivery systems.

We don’t offer a patchwork of Legacy systems. CPU offers an integrated package that streamlines management for all types of integrated health delivery systems including IPAs, PHOs, MSOs and HMOs. Moreover, MED/MC can be deployed as a cloud solution or on-site, depending on what your needs may be.

MED/MC is always stable, always up-to-date and features:

  • Fully integrated Managed Care Information System
  • HIPAA-compliant EDI formats
  • Logical/user friendly screen navigation
  • Comprehensive management reports

Maximize Productivity

MED/MC seamlessly integrates the complexities of administrating eligibility, referral authorization and claims processing. Functions and features maximize data integrity while reducing data entry.

  • Member eligibility and benefit history
  • Referral management with fax referral authorization
  • Claims processing with electronic adjudication using HIPAA-compliant formats
  • EOBs and check writing
  • Multiple payment methodologies
  • Provider contract management
  • Capitation management
  • Member and provider services call tracking
  • Letter writing templates
  • Premium billing
  • Extensive reporting and data warehousing

MED/MC Report Writer

MED/MC expertly manages multi-specialty, multi-location healthcare delivery systems with flexible fee schedules and extensive reporting capabilities. The system produces over 500 predefined, on-line management reports.

MED/MC Managed Care Information System Literature

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